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Seattle's Fair

Seattle's 1909 Exposition

U.S. World's Fairs

There have been 19 world’s fairs held in the United States. Most were branded with an official name that is specific to that fair and helpful when searching for information on it. Most of the literature focuses on one fair or the other so it is necessary to target each individually to cover all buildings for all fairs. Below is a list of all 19 US-based fairs, host cities and nicknames.

            1876 - Philadelphia, PA (Centennial International Exposition)
            1884 - New Orleans, LA (World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition)
            1893 - Chicago, IL(World’s Columbian Exposition)
            1898 - Omaha, NE (Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition)
            1901 - Buffalo, NY(Pan-American Exposition)
            1904 - St. Louis, MO (Louisiana Purchase Exposition)
            1907 - Norfolk, VA (Jamestown Exposition)
            1909 - Seattle, WA (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition)
            1915 - San Diego, CA (Panama-California Exposition)
            1915 - San Francisco, CA (Panama-Pacific International Exposition)
            1933/34 - Chicago, IL (A Century of Progress International Exposition)
            1939 - New York City, NY (New York World’s Fair)
            1939/40 - San Francisco, CA (Golden Gate International Exposition)
            1962 - Seattle, WA (Century 21 Exposition)
            1964/65 - New York City, NY (New York World’s Fair)
            1968 - San Antonio, TX (HemisFair ’68)
            1974 - Spokane, WA (Expo ’74)
            1982 - Knoxville, TN (Knoxville International Energy Exposition)
            1984 - New Orleans, LA (Louisiana World Exposition)

Use the tabs above to explore resources by city. Note that five US cities: New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and New York, have hosted two world’s fairs.

Note: Image at left obtained from Britannica Image Quest