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An Introduction and Resource to research a career and write a paper about that career. Introducing career clusters and Career Pathways Wisconsin

Making Right Career Choice

“ The trend these days is for people t0 

 have multiple careers over their lifetime

and each career can be

completely different

from the previous one. ” Megan Tough

-Making the right career choice can be a difficult process


 All work has specific characteristics or

elements and each person has a preference

for which ones they prefer.

By understanding what these elements are and

knowing your own preferences,

you can evaluate any role in terms of its fit.

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Directions: Answer these questions to help you look at your VALUES

Control: Do you want to be in charge or do you prefer to follow?

Time: How many hours are you happy devoting to your work?

Creativity: Do you like following the rules or do you want to colour outside the lines?

Managing: Do you enjoy looking after people and making things happen through them?

Location: Where do you want to live and work - the suburbs, city or country?

Responsibility: Do you want to be making the big decisions?

Specialisation: Do you want to be a specialist in a given field and be respected for that? Or do you want to be a generalist?

Flexibility: Do you require a 9 to 5 role or are you happy putting the hours in and taking them back as and when it suits?

Company: Do you want to associate with one company or with several types of companies? Or do you want to be a completely free agent?

Skills: Do you want to use your current skills or do you want to develop skills in a new area?

Belonging: Do you need to belong to a group and make connections with people? Or are you happy moving from project to project making little emotional attachment with the people and companies you work for?

Adapted from Making Right Career Choices by Megan Tough