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Library guide for K-12 business education resources.


Welcome to the Business Education library guide!

This is comprehensive resource page was developed for K-12 students and teachers looking for business education related online materials including business management, marketing, personal finance, accounting, and technology. Please click on the specific tabs to access the content-specific topics. At any time, if I can help you in any other way, please feel free to email me. Enjoy!


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Business Education

Overview & Relevance

Business Education courses are relevant because the allow students to develop essential career success skills, explore business career options, and connect classroom instruction to real life experiences. Filled with authentic project-based learning experiences, field trips, guest speakers, and games, business education prepares students for life. Typical subjects include personal finance, business technologies, marketing, management, international business, and accounting.

For more on why study business education check out: Importance of Business Education


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