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The LibGuide focuses on resources on the web for biography research. Searches can be done by using the subject search approach (was the person a politician? musician?, etc.) OR by simply entering the person into a database.

Subject Guide

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Badgerlink Resources

Check in Badgerlink Wisconsin's database library source under EBSCO for specific databases such as:

Student Research Center a database powered by EBSCO; to use this database uncheck all boxes not related to your information need.

History Reference Center a database powered by EBSCO.  Information focuses on history and historical figures.

Science Reference Center a database powered by EBSCO.  Information focuses on science.

Literary Reference Center a database powered by EBSCO.  Information focuses on authors and literary works.

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Google Scolar Search

IF you think you need to Google your school work....use Google Scolar.  However, do not forget to cite your sources!

Google Scholar Search

Library Guide

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Online Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Britannica High School Edition contains a wide variety of people and reference information.  

You can also go to the Encyclopedia Britannica by entering Badgerlink, then scrolling down to Encyclopedia Britannica and selecting the school level you prefer.

Biography resources on the web:

Arts & Entertainment's Biography Web site. Useful for current or popular personalities. You may be able to find video clips about the individual you are researching here.

Library Spot is a metasearch engine that offers links to many resources.  The page here loads to the Biographies search page; search general biographies, by type, or by ethinicity.

Looking for an obsure person?  This site offers almost everyone!  Bewary of all the ads.  Scroll down to find information.

A dictionary of people; full of information.

Sponsored by the White House, at this site you can find brief biographies of all of the presidents.

Hosted by the White House, this Web site has interesting biographies of all of the president's wives.

This information was created by Cornell University Law School, the Legal Information Institute.

Contains short biographies of every person who has ever served in the United States House or Senate. Very simple search template and you must know the congressperson's name.

Sports Illustrated view of the top one hundred female athletes with biographical stories on each one.

A comprehensive list of women historical figures.

This is compliation of "the best of the web" - a librarians choice of well selected, content reviewed, and previewed links to information.  Information sorted and organized by subject: select on the subject tab you are looking for and review links provided.

Evaluating Web Sites

By now, you are aware that not all Web sites are created equal and that anyone with a computer can put up a Web page. For doing academic work, students must be sure that the Web site from which you are getting information is reliable. Use the following information* as a tool for evaluating your sites. Most sites won't have all of the following qualities, but the ones you actually use should contain answers to at least some of the following questions:

Who wrote the information?

-does the article indicate who wrote it?

-are the credentials of the author indicated?

-Is there a bias or point of view present in the information?

Is there an "about us" or "mission statement" located on the main page?

-is it easy to find?

-does it match the content of the Web site?

-is the sponsor of the site interested in making money or an organization wanting to win you over to a point of view?

Is the site current?

-does the site state when it was copyrighted or written?

-does it say when it was last updated?

-does each article have a date when it was written?

Who funds the site?

-is it easy to find that information?

-do the sponsor and content match?

-is there contact information available?

What type of site is it?

-look at the domains, i.e. .gov, .edu, .com, .org.

-make .edu and .gov your first choice when possible


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Internet Public Library2

Information organized by librarians on the web; information you can trust that has been fully evaluated for accuracy.  Resources are listed by subject.

Teaching Books - Author Information

Use Teaching Books to locate information on authors.

Watch Video

Search biography in the search box in the upper right and retrieve links to free, educational videos.