Bethel Lutheran Sunday School: How to Navigate Leader Guide

The Flow of Each Lesson


  • Arrival Activity: Skip.  Gathering will be done as a whole group.  The anticipation for each week's story will be done in the sanctuary.  
  • Opening Conversation: Optional.  If it mentions a Faith to Go activity, please skip that part.
  • Opening Prayer:  Encouraged to do.


  •  Read Bible Scripture.  Required to do.  Please help students find the story in their Bibles if they already received them.  Have fun "hamming  up" the story with theatrical voices and/or shared reading with students.  


  • Memorize weekly verses.  Encouraged to do. These are found on the Lesson at a Glance cover page for each Bible story, but please have students with Bibles locate the verse in their Bibles.   
  • Please consider adding gestures and/or pictures to reinforce the memory (or have them student designed).  


  • This is where you will use the activities from the tab prior to this one to reinforce the Bible passage of the week.  
  • Please feel free to do any of the activities listed in the resource book, too!  Often, the Fun Fact area states that you'll need the leaflets (aka worksheets), but often the questions or activities could use Bibles to find the answers.   

SEND Encouraged to do.

  • Please try to at least look at the Bible Memory Verse one last time.  


Lesson Preparation Options


  • Bible stories are listed on the DVD in order of the Leader Guides and this Libguide.  Each story's prep segment lasts about 5 minutes.  
  • Each segment gives Biblical background about the story while giving the basic premise of the specific Bible story for the week.  
  • Each segment shares the reason why the specific story is important. 
  • Each segment offers ideas how to connect and engage with the students of your specific developmental level.  
  • Each segment generally offers some insight to the leaflet segment of the lesson, and remember that only PreK is using leaflets.  


  • Use the Scripture Reference listed on the Lesson At A Glance page, and read the passage. 
  • Read the Lesson Focus listed on the Lesson At A Glance page.  
  • Optional: Read the text in green font for the specific Bible story as shared on the first tab of this libguide.